So I’m back from outer space…

Well okay, back from the French country-side. Three week holiday. No internet. Loads of sleep. And I’m feeling invigorated, though being back at work is quickly sapping that. Still, I did a ton of work on Lost Heroes. A ton, I mean. But I don’t really have anything yet to show you.

I’ve been working on the character creation and the I’ve got the nuts and bolts down and started into detailing each of the different gods, which got me excited about the project again. It’s going quite slowly however and since arriving back, work has stopped (simply because other stuff has taken priority for the moment).

But I also have plan. Yes another plan.

One of the problems I have with this character creation process is that I allow the creation of three different character distinct types; the Chosen (of the gods), Magic Practitioners and Valiant Mortals. It’s quite a convoluted/confusing mess, I’m glad that I have the three basic threads down, but I think I want to focus on the core of Lost Heroes. That’s the Chosen. The playtest character creation guide that I’ll put out will detail how to create Magic Practitioners and buy Magic Paths, but I’ll focus on just the Chosen with no Magic (they’ll still have gifts and supernatural abilities) for any games I run.

I love the types of Magic Practitioner characters you can created but it really makes everything complex and I think Valiant Mortals are ignored to an extent.

And then there is the second part of the plan, after I do this character creation guide, I want to try and run a few games with a group of players I know and have gamed with before. I haven’t played or ran a game in months sadly so some organisation will be required. Depending how that goes I hope to seek out others to play test with, but that’s off in the vagueness of the future.

So fingers crossed. To the future we go!

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